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Master Mason of the Year

Announcing 2018 Award Winners and Special Recognitions

Each day, Prince Hall Masons throughout California are making great strides towards advancing Freemasonry in our state – from engaging their members with cutting-edge communications to perfecting the ritual and dedicating themselves to outreach. During our Annual Communication Banquet: An Evening of Awards and Entertainment,” we recognized those lodges who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment and success in these areas and more throughout the fraternal year. Please join us in congratulating these brothers for their admirable efforts and purchase your ticket to celebrate with them during our next Annual Communication.

Mason of the Year Award  PM Walter Freeman #118, Hossie J. Welch #105 and Jim H. Haynes #108

MWGM Sam King is pleased to honor PM Walter Freeman with the MWGM Master Mason of the Year and Hossie J. Welch and Jim H. Haynes with The Master Mason of the Year Award . Although there are many distinguished brethren in our jurisdiction, this award honors these fine brothers for their heartfelt service to our craft and devotion to their fellow man. They have been an exceptional example of what it means to be a Mason, a leader, a mentor, and a man.District Deputy Grand Masters

Individual Winners

• 2018 Treasurer of The Year: Johnny L. Anderson #117
• 2018 Secretary of The Year: John D. Jennings #27 and Vodhen G. Fucles #73
• 2018 Inspirational Award: Tommie E. Phillips



CHAIRMAN – RW Willie D. Humphrey

District Deputy Grand Masters







    This award is available to Brothers who have reached Fifty (50) years of membership in the Craft. This award is the responsibility of this committee, but is handled entirely by the Lodge Services Department. After the Lodge Secretary is notified that a Brother has reached Fifty years of membership or more in the Craft, he should order a Certificate and Apron from the Lodge Services Department. Lapel Pins and Medals are also available.

    50 Year Members


    The Grand Lodge Award program for Excellence in Community Service is intended to recognize individuals and organizations for service to their respective communities.

    On behalf of the entire California Prince Hall Family, Thank you! For your response and immediate action to contribute to the request of giving your financial aid to the Hurricane Harvey crises. We have had correspondence from Texas and Florida expressing their thanks and gratitude for our participation in assisting them. There was no donation too small. Because of our immediate action and contribution, we were able to donate $11,000 to the cause.

    Another Historical Event

    "Masons Uniting"

    On Aug. 5, the California Grand Lodge joined the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of California to conduct a joint cornerstone ceremony for the new Willie L. Brown Middle School in San Francisco. Nearly 100 Masons attended the ceremony, along with members of the San Francisco School Board, including San Francisco Unified School District Superintendent Richard Carranza, and officials of the City of San Francisco.SF WBrownCornerstone5

    Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of California Donald R. Ware led the officers in attendance through a dedication ceremony, which closed with a benediction upon the building and all who will learn within it. “The children who enter in these doors will become living stones for the advancement of these United States,” Ware said.

    To accompany the ceremony, officers installed a time capsule, which included letters from the National Alliance of Black School Educators, the principal of Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School and Carranza; a list of all the Masonic officers participating in the ceremony; and a decorative pin, donated by Grand Master Charvonia. Following the installation of the time capsule, the building was adorned with a decorative plaque.

    Former San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., for whom the school is named, is a Prince Hall Mason and was a guest speaker at the event. “The students who see this plaque as they walk into the building will understand the significance of the ceremony we are holding today,” Brown said. “It will serve as a tremendous source of inspiration.”

    Grand Master Charvonia also addressed the audience. “As Masons, we believe that the cornerstone of civil society is an educated populace, and fromSF WBrownCornerstone2 the beginning, we have been strong supporters of free public education,” he said. “Today’s ceremony is especially significant because middle school is where the foundation of our young people is grounded – it is at this age that learning takes place that will help shape the rest of their lives. Although this is a beautiful building, the true beauty will be found in the learning that will occur here.”

    This historic ceremony was the first cornerstone dedication conducted jointly between the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge and Masons of California Grand Lodge in the City of San Francisco.


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