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Donald R. Ware, MD
Most Worshipful Grand Master
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Prince HallPrince Hall (1735-1807) was the organizer and founder of Masonry among men of Color. Thought to have been born in Barbados around 1735, he first worked as a leather-dresser, later as a laborer by day andWorking Tools studying at night. He educated himself and became a leader in the efforts to eliminate slavery and bring about a stronger unified people. He was instrumental in freeing many slaves. He was an abolitionist and a patriot, as he volunteered to fight in the American Revolution and was later accepted in the Continental Army led by George Washington.


Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of California

skingsm2015 David2015 EagleSpirit 20151129 Macon20151129

Samuel T. King
RW Deputy Grand Master


David San Juan
RW Senior Grand Warden


Robert J. Eagle Spirit, Sr.
RW Junior Grand Warden


Brian J. Macon
RW Grand Lecturer




Billy G. Harrington
RW Grand Secretary


Norman A. Riley
RW Grand Treasurer



In The News - Cornerstone Ceremony - Sacramento Kings Entertainment Center
 Prince Hall Making History
November 9th 2014

Cornerstone Laying

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