Working As One For
The Good of Many

2021 Virtual Annual Grand Session

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge F.& A.M. of The State of California, Inc. 166th Annual Communication July 10-11,2021

Golden State Grand Chapter Order of The Eastern Star PHRA, State of California 139th Annual Communication July 17-18, 2021


The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of California is a non-profit organization that strives to teach man the duty he owes to the Supreme Being, to his neighbor, and to himself. “Making Good Men Better” is the ultimate goal of the fraternity. This goal is achieved through philanthropy, mentorship, and community development.

The fraternity is founded upon faith-based principles. However, it does not interfere with members’ religious beliefs and political participation. Instead, it practices a universal system of morality which is veiled in allegory and illustrated in symbols.

Character is the foundation of Prince Hall Masonry. Its purpose is service. Its measure is giving. The fraternity is devoted to improving social, cultural, and economic conditions of the people of California through charitable acts and unselfish sacrifice.

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California Prince Hall Freemasonry provides opportunities for charity, fellowship, and
 character building through philanthropy, community work, and mentorship.

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David San Juan

Grand Master

“A few years ago, I started looking for worthwhile volunteer opportunities. I began volunteering at the downtown location in September of 2009 and the rest is history. I have met so many wonderful people and have made new friendships with other volunteers.”


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